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Analytics Review

Are you confident your Google Analytics account is set up properly? If not, our team of Google and technical experts can review and help set things up correctly.
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Whether it’s an existing analytics account or you’re brand new to using Google products, we can help by reviewing your accounts or creating new accounts for your website. This way you can leave things in capable hands while you spend more time on your business and less time trying to figure out how to set up your properly integrate your Google accounts with your website.

Without technical knowledge, it’s a daunting task and, like many business owners and non-technical specialists, trying to figure out how to set up and manage Google Analytics, Search Console and Google Tag Manager is like riding a bike uphill while juggling flaming chainsaws.

So if you’re a start-up business or an older business looking for help with Google products, you’re in the same boat that most of our clients were in prior to working with us. We also help start-up SaaS clients who enlist us to increase their rankings and increase their opportunity for converting visitors into customers.

Google Account Reviews

When it comes to Google Analytics, there are also other Google products that are often overlooked or not set up properly. Along with a Google Analytics account review, we look at Search Console and Google Tag Manager (GTM). We’ll confirm what tools were set up and review each with a fine-tooth comb one to asses if they’ve been set up correctly or not.

How We Begin
  • Discovery session
  • Confirmation of tools
  • User admin invite
  • Review of Google accounts
  • Traffic report configuration

Gain Insight

With the help from our team, who are Google certified experts, we can make sure you’re getting beneficial data that’s accurate, meaningful, and how that data can be measured and, in turn, used to improve your website’s overall experience and sales conversions. At SOHTOH, we’re all about the value of making data-informed decisions and being the digital partner our clients rely on for research, experimentation, testing, and optimization. Working closely together, we’ll ensure what we’re building is engaging and ideal for your users and your business.

How We Help
  • Technical audits
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Market research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertising
  • Conversion Rate Optimization