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Digital Project Management Services

Looking for a web design agency that can help set goals and establish a clear vision for your projects?
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Your Dedicated Project Lead

Ensuring everyone involved has what they need to get the job done right, our digital Project Manager works closely with you, keeping you up-to-date and involved throughout the lifespan of the project. Applying agile and waterfall processes, our PM doesn’t skip a beat.

From strategy to launch, our cross-functional team and projects are equipped with the right process and tools that enable us to work efficiently, effectively and collaboratively, thanks to our team lead.

Think of our PM as our gift to you — she will be your guide, translator, advocate, captain of the ship keeping track of everything from the big picture to the small details.

Project Management

A great team player, our PM is always on top of things and always keeping a look out for the client’s and project’s needs.

Using the right tools, our PM clearly and efficiently integrates project requirements into our workflow, supports your business objectives and implements best strategies and solutions by working with you to identify your business challenges and goals. All the while she’s a navigator to guide you through milestones and deadlines and an internal teammate who keeps us aligned with your values and voice.

With a strong eye for design and details, our PM makes beautiful things happen.

What You Can Expect
  • Waterfall or agile process
  • Strategy
  • Client & stakeholder interviews
  • Project documentation
  • Workflow management
  • Team support
  • Budget & scope

We Help Teams Get Work Done

We’re industry veterans who have been around and seen a lot. We get the importance and benefits of good and reliable project management that can help scale for better projects. We also know those good ones are in short supply; it’s hard to find available independent project managing services.

Are you an existing team looking for help with a single project or a unique client? Contact us about how we can help with project management. We respect and value what a good project manager can bring to the table and we like to share. If your team needs a fresh set of eyes on your workflow and/or you just need to step back from doing the project management stuff so you can focus on your actual role, we’re here for you. Say hi.

  • Collaborative work with cross-functional teams
  • Establishing project management (Agile/Waterfall)
  • Product management
  • Defining project vision & roadmap
  • Client & team management
  • Project financials management
  • Start-up PM organization
  • Process review
  • Tools audit